Coalgate, Cody Ranch Peach Creek and Crabgrass Lakes


Coalgate, Cody Ranch Peach Creek and Crabgrass Lakes


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Property Info

  • General Availability
    This site is available year round.
  • Lake Size
    30 Acres
  • Bank Fishing
    Bank fishing is available.
  • Tent Camping
    Tent camping is not available.
  • Boat Availability
    No boat is currently available at this property.
  • Boat Launch
    Small boats/trailers easily launched from bank.


Your reservation allows you to fish only these two lakes.

MANDATORY!!! Remove all bass 14" and under and all crappie at this site. Report the total number of each species removed, back to the club office through the online reservation system after your outing.

***If you clean any fish, DO NOT put the remains in the blue dumpster. Please throw fish remains into one of the lakes.***

48 hour notice is required to lodge at this site. When you leave, please take all trash accumulated during your stay with you.

Lodging check-in & check-out times are as follows,
Check-in: 3:00 P.M. & Check-out 12:00 P.M. (Noon)

Cody Ranch is a 3000-acre ranch located in Coalgate Oklahoma which is 2.5 hours north of downtown Dallas; 2 hours SE of Oklahoma City and 2 hours and 15 minutes south of Tulsa. It is an easy drive from DFW and for our members on the North side of the metroplex it is less than 2 hours.

Cody Ranch is unlike any property in the club, with its 3000 acres, 8 lakes and 2 places to lodge it offers unparalleled opportunities for our members. All lakes are approx 10-18 acres with one larger 30-acre lake and one smaller 6-acre lake. For reservation purposes, we have broken the property into three opportunities to fish.

Opportunity 1 offers two lakes called Twin Lakes which are just 100 feet apart and are on the east side of the ranch.

Opportunity 2 offers two lakes called the Hart Lakes and are near the middle of the ranch.

Opportunity 3 offers two lakes (Crabgrass and Peach Creek) that are in the north end of the ranch. When you make a reservation you are making a reservation to fish on 2 lakes within the opportunities described above.

There are two lodging opportunities:

The Lodge is 5 bedrooms with 9 beds total (8 twins and 1 king), two separate living areas, and overlooks a small 6-acre lake.

The Cabin has two bedrooms (Beds for 3) and sits next to Moonshine Lake, the largest lake on the property (30 acres). Moonshine Lake is only available to members who stay the night at one of the two lodging options on the property. Please note you must book both an overnight stay AND one of the 3 other opportunities to fish on Moonshine Lake. On busy spring weekends, we may have two overnight groups; one at each facility. Meaning, others outside of your party may join you on Moonshine Lake.

Peach Creek and Crabgrass: These two lakes are on the north end of the ranch about a 10-minute ride from either the cabin or the Lodge.

Peach Creek is the first lake you come to and has been stocked with pure Florida Bass only. This does not mean that some Native Bass genetics have not filtered into the lake. The deepest portion of the lake is an 18-foot hole located approximately halfway down the dam.

Crabgrass Lake is at the far north end of the ranch and you will need a truck, SUV or car with a bit higher clearance to access the lake. You don't have to have a 4x4, but don't bring your luxury sedan. This is the clearest of the lakes with visibility of over 6 feet and lots of grass to fish. Eastern half of the lake is shallow with lots of lily pads and timber to fish. 2 hours of test fishing produced a 6 lb fish and electroshock survey produced a fish near 7 lbs. This lake has lots of fish in the 6 to 8 lb range.

General Directions

About 2.5 hours North of Downtown Dallas About 2 hours Southeast of Oklahoma City About 2 hours and 15 minutes South of Tulsa

Fishing Report

Peach creek

Danny Renfro on Jul 29 ,2018

fished for a few hours 7/28 on peach creek at Cody ranch.  Action was steady going between, a frog, Zara spook, and Texas rigged soft plastics.  Biggest came on a 5xd 4.9lb along the dam. 

Bright Sun and No Wind

Bryan Buchan on Apr 30 ,2018

Have to be careful what you wish for on "nice" weather.  My brother and son went to Coalgate for our annual fishing trip there.  Saturday was the picture of a blue bird day at Peach Creek and Crabgrass.  Bright sun,…

Fun day at Cody Ranch

Danny Renfro on Aug 21 ,2017

I fished Peach Creek from 6:30 until 11:30 Sunday morning.  Was a pretty active morning.  Started whacking them on hak attack buzz frogs, and whopper plopper 130.  Caught several others on swimbaits, and t rig soft plastics.  Caught about 20…

Property Pricing

  • Day Rate$100.00
  • Half-Day Rate$75.00
  • Under Twelve RateNo Charge
  • Youth (13-17) Day Rate$50.00
  • Youth (13-17) Half-Day Rate$40.00