Saint Jo, Camp Creek

Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

Saint Jo, Camp Creek

Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

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Property Info

  • General Availability
    This site is available year round.
  • Lake Size
    14 Acres
  • Bank Fishing
    Bank fishing is available.
  • Tent Camping
    Tent camping is not available.
  • Boat Availability
    Jon boat with bench seating
  • Boat Launch
    Small boats/trailers easily launched from bank.
March 2021 update.
The lake is about 5 feet low, which makes the lake about 9-10 acres. The lake is still fishable, but lower than it was in 2020. We hae had a few members call that had fished previously to let us know and we have spoken to the landowner about these concerens. We will leave the lake open for now, but wanted to let you know its current situation. Pray for Rain!

We were shocked when we drove just 4 miles north of St. Jo Texas. The topography of this slice of the state changes so dramatically you have to see it to believe it. The flat lands of Highway 82 seem to disappear into red river valley and you might think you are in rolling hills of central Texas. The views alone are worth the drive. The wineries have discovered the area as well, there are several nearby.

Camp Creek Lake is 14 acres built into this spectacular valley; making it one of the most beautiful club lakes in North Texas. The owner has about a dozen wild horses that roam this 88 acre property and it just adds to the ambience of this beautiful ranch. The lake was built in the 80's with depths to 12 feet. The lake nearly went dry in 2011 and came roaring back in 2015 and is teaming with 2 to 3 lb bass. Our electrofish survey proved both densities and relative weights of the fish to be near perfect. There is a large population of crappie and a handful of large brush piles. Along the west side of the lake is a deep (8-10') channel that runs just 10-20 feet from the shoreline. The north side of the lake is a large flat of water mostly 2-4 feet.

You can easily launch boats up to 16' along the bank. There is not an improved boat ramp.

We are not harvesting bass at this time. You may keep all catfish and crappie.


Do not remove any bass at this time. Report the total number of crappie and catfish removed, back to the club office through the online reservation system after your outing.

Take all trash with you. Clean boat of all trash including your used soft plastics.

General Directions

95 miles NW of Downtown Dallas 60 miles NW of Denton 85 miles north of Ft. Worth

Fishing Report

Tough Cold Day On Camp Creek

Scott Wheeler on Jan 24 ,2021

Reservation Number : 26961 Property Name : Camp Creek Reservation Date : 01/23/2021 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : Total Caught 5.. 1 x 4LB+ 3 x 2LB+ 1 x 1LB Lures Used : Fluke, Curly Tail Worm, 6" Lizard…

Windy Day and Not Hungry Fish

David Wilcox on Jan 19 ,2021

Reservation Number : 26934 Property Name : Camp Creek Reservation Date : 01/18/2021 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 1 Lures Used : Everything Got to the  property at day light and started fishing in my Ultrskiff by 7:45am. The wind…

Fun day

Glen Armstrong on Dec 22 ,2020

Reservation Number : 26760 Property Name : Camp Creek Reservation Date : 12/21/2020 PM - Total Fish/Sizes : 4/ 3-4lbs Lures Used : White chatter bait, chartrusse crank bait I fished from noon until 4PM. It was a wonderful day…

Property Pricing

  • Day Rate$120.00
  • Half-Day Rate$90.00
  • Under Twelve RateNo Charge
  • Youth (13-17) Day Rate$60.00
  • Youth (13-17) Half-Day Rate$45.00