Outstanding day at Lake

Mar 28 2021

Larry McCarthy


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Reservation Number : 27703
Property Name : SW Lake
Reservation Date : 03/27/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 22
Lures Used : 5 inch Senkos, Brush Hogs

Arrived to find the lake boat had become the residence of fire ants. Moved the boat to get rid of the ants and decided to bank fish to let ants clear the boat. Caught 10 fish bank fishing in the first hour from the boat ramp up to the small island. Most fish were caught on a 5 inch Senko using a variety of green Senkos (light, medium and dark color with and without flakes) also caught a few on 4 inch green Senkos. Caught 2 on baby brush hogs. All fish were caught by either fishing parallel to the bank or casting to the bank once the boat went in the water. Weather was perfect a slight wind, overcast until 11 and warm. Most fish were on the smaller side but did catch 3 that were very decent, unfortunatly I did not have a scale or camera when they were caught.