Good day at Boren

Mar 28 2021

Darryl Stratton


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Reservation Number : 27651
Property Name : Boren Lake
Reservation Date : 03/27/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 24
Lures Used : .

Fished Saturday from about 8-5. Weather was all over, started out drizzly and foggy then got windy then blue skies and no breeze at all.  Water was 64 degrees and very dirty due to all the rain. Caught fish all over the lake after the right bait was found. I caught one on the bank with a white chatter bait and one on a tax rig purple and green trick worm.  No top water bite nor any bite on any moving lures, the only thing that would work was a 6 inch green senko wacky rigged.  It was hard to feel the bite partially because of the wind but mostly cause the fish would just pick it up and slowly swim away. If you didn't keep a good line and see it move you missed your chance. Ended up catching 24 this way, most were about 1 to 1 ½ lbs with 7 bass under 14 removed.