Fun afternoon

Mar 28 2021

Ryan Herrington


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Reservation Number : 27552
Property Name : Bluebonnet Ridge
Reservation Date : 03/27/2021 PM - 03/27/2021 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : 13+ LMB (2-3+lbs)
Lures Used : Soft plastics; topwater

Kids were disappointed that the blue gill had moved off the dock but the Dads found plenty of LMB action under cloudy skies and variable winds. Biggest fish of the day was right at 4.3 lbs but others were mostly fat and healthy and full of fight. Topwater action before we left was especially exciting and netted an additonal 3 fish with others slamming the surface but missing the lure. As always a great property, well maintained although the boat at mesquite valley was infested with fire ants and a large mound as hadn't been moved in awhile making it unusable.