Sandy Creel Ranch 3/26/21

Mar 27 2021

Joe V. Smith

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Reservation Number : 27694
Property Name : Sandy Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 03/26/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 51 bass 10" to 8 1/2 lbs
Lures Used : lizards,worms and fly rod

Fished by myself 2/15/21. Reserved all day but only fished half a day,too tired to fish the afternoon sesion.The lake was full,running out the overflow and visibility after two prior days of rain was three feet.

Caught 51 bass the largest was 8 ½ lbs with a 3.75 and two 3½ pound bass.Removed 21 of the bass mostly around 13 to just under 14”. A pervious report said they would bite anything. I only used a weightless 5” watermelon/seed yum dinger,a pumpkin/chrt lizard , a 4” watermelon/seed yum dinger and a no. 8 olive woolly with rubber legs . The larger bass came on the 4” watermelon/seed yum dinger with a 1/32 weight. They were all along the edges and out about 5 to 10 yards in shallow water.

After catching a few crappie on the lizard I picked up the fly rod and ended up with a total of 30 crappie counting about 5 that came from a lizard and 4” yum dinger. My best crappie day ever.They were shallow and all were released because I did not see anything saying we could kkeep the crappie. About five of the bass were on the fly rod also.

Paddled at noon for something to eat and a rest.Drove aroud looking for thr other laked and did not see the third lake.The concrete road ended and I did not adventurous enought to go any further