Beaver Lake

Mar 27 2021

David Curtis


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Reservation Number : 27459
Property Name : Beaver Lake: Heartland 10-10 Ranch
Reservation Date : 03/26/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 19 fish biggest was 8.5lbs
Lures Used : Soft plastics

Tough fishing all day. Wind wasn't a concern but very limited cloud cover. Grinded it out all day throwing weightless senko and flukes. Tough to throw other baits due to lily pad covering most of the shoreline. 
Of course the big fish made it all worthwhile and a great way to start the season. 

8.5 lber came on a 6inch weightless senko, green pumpkin watermelon laminate with red flake. Around  1:30 p.m.