3-14-2021 Lake Leinweber

Mar 26 2021

Jason Owens


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A little bit late on the reprort, but better late than never i suppose.  My son and I made our annual spring break fishing road trip and after fishing east Texas earlier that week (Heartland 10-10 and Lost Creek) we headed west and fished Leinweber on 3-14.  We were on the water by about 8 AM.  The water was pretty low and pretty much no grass.  Wind wasn’t bad for the first hour but it picked up as the day went on which made it difficult to fish weightless wacky rigs or other finesse stuff.  We had to adjust and ended up doing pretty well on a white 3.75” Strike King rage swimmer on a underspin style swimbait hook.  We caught around 40 fish.  15 of them under 14”.  Along the dam, open water, didn’t seem to matter.  Just long casts and really slow retrieve.  No big ones this time.  First time I’ve been to this lake and not caught at least a 5+.  It was a fun numbers day though.  The cows did come to investigate my truck while we were out on the water and even tried to eat the door handles.  So if you guys are out on the water, make sure you don’t leave anything laying around unattended.  I will be back on to this lake in the summer time when we get some grass and hopefully some rain.