Bluebonnet Ridge 03/20/2021

Mar 21 2021

Greg Zimmerman


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Reservation Number : 27285
Property Name : Bluebonnet Ridge
Reservation Date : 03/20/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12 LMB
Lures Used : Chatterbait; fat ika

I fished Bluebonnet Ridge on 03/20/2021.  Beautiful, sunny day, with air temperatures in the low 40s at arrival, rising to 65 in the afternoon.  Water temperature was 56 at arrival, rising to 60 by afternoon.  I caught 12 LMB, from 10 inches to 3lbs, with all fish returned since there is no culling at this lake currently.  I saw two bass on beds, but they were not locked in and swam off when a lure was thrown within ten feet of them.