Mar 21 2021

Michael Mozier


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Reservation Number : 27559
Property Name : Lake Encino
Reservation Date : 03/20/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5
Lures Used : Shadow Rap/Chatterbait

Water clear, 60 degrees, Sunny and Windy. Day started fairly clam, but the wind kicked-up mid-morning. Fought the wind most of the day. Managed 5, with 3 culls. Largest at 3 lb 4 oz. Slow fishing day today. Fish caught about 30 – 40 min apart. All over the lake, with no real cluster of fish. Caught on Rapala Jerk Bait, and White/Grey Chatter bait.

Cruising around the Lake, moving from one spot to another, was suprised to find depths of 23’ (water is low as with all the Lakes in this area). Drop-offs are quite sharp, but wasn’t seeing many fish suspended around them.