Great day at the Ennis Bluebonnet Ridge!

Mar 19 2021

Brent Garrett


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Reservation Number : 27403
Property Name : Bluebonnet Ridge
Reservation Date : 03/18/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7
Lures Used : Clouser Minnow and Yellow 32nd oz jig -

Large fish for the day was a 4+lb largemouth caught on the big lake in the main channel.  We were fly fishing with Chartreuse Clouser minnows and 1/32nd oz yellow jigs.  We caught several small healthy largemouth bass in the 10 to 13 inch class.  Very tough conditions as the wind was 20/25 and gusting up to 30 mph.  Water color was cloudy to light brown on the big lake and very clear on the smaller one.  There is still quite a bit of moss in the big lake but very fishable.  I suggest staying on the channel lines and fishing the edge of the moss as we found most bass lying under the moss for cover and picking things off the edge of the moss. I suspect as temps rise they will start moving to more shallow waters. 

This was our first PWF lake to fish as I am a new member.  Could not be happier with the staff at PWF.  They are helpful and accommodating!  Can’t wait to fish this lake again when the big lake is clearer and winds are a bit lower!  Tight Lines!

Mar 19 2021

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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Welcome to the club and glad you had a great first day.  Sounds like you are a fly rodder.  These lakes are great for the floppy rods.