Unexpected day at Escondido

Apr 27 2019

Michael Mozier


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Property Name : Lago Escondido
Reservation Date : 04/27/2019 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : NONE
Lures Used : Everything

Been a while since I have come up empty, but today was one of those days. Fished from 7:30 - 12:00, and had only one fish on that got caught-up in my anchor line, then that was that!. Not a single bite all morning until that one, and nothing after that. Never been blanked a this lake! Even though the bite was off, I enjoyed every minute. Water was 72 degrees, and stained. Sunny skies. Not a cloud to be seen. The spillway is spilling, and not accessible right now. I highly recommend using the site boats, as there is thick vegetation around the entire perimeter of the lake making it difficult to launch anything else. In 9' of water, the vegetation was on the surface. Fouled my trolling motor several times. The one fish I had on for a bit came from open water toward the middle of the lake. Surprised to find that there are no Lilly Pads at all this year. Conditions will improve, and I'll be back for sure.