Windy April Day at Valley Mills

Apr 10 2019

Craig Awtrey


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Reservation Number : 20950
Property Name : Live Oak Creek
Reservation Date : 04/10/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 14
Lures Used : weightless fluke

Considered canceling my reservation after seeing the wind speeds. Went anyway and did way better than anticipated. Out-fished by my guest.

The pond had quite a bit of vegetation but nothing up to the surface yet. The water is crystal clear and there is a type of vegetation here I've not seen in other places. It has a feather like appearance, and underwater it looked like wildflowers with a red hue. It also made anything weighted difficult to fish clean.

The property overall is very beautiful, and the horses are amazing. One came up while closing the gate close to the pond, really nice looking chestnut that inspected the car.