Buddy for Private Water Hunting Membership

Jan 30 2021

Henry Chappell


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Buddy for Private Water Hunting Membership

I’m a lifelong upland bird hunter, dog man, and longtime fly fisherman. I would like to find a buddy or two to join me in a Private Water Hunting membership for the 2021-22 waterfowl season, assuming openings are available. I looked into joining last fall, but was told that only group memberships are available, with a minimum of two hunters.

I’m a novice duck hunter with a young, inexperienced Lab. This past season, we had a blast hunting public land, and learned a lot. I plan to continue public hunting, but would love to add some quality private water options.

I’m a so-so shot and terrible caller. I’m working on it. I’ll be 61 in June, but I’m in excellent shape and can drag a fully-loaded decoy sled or canoe over rough ground and walk and wade all day. I own a couple dozen decoys, sled, Mojo, little panel blind, and will undoubtedly blow money on a bunch of other stuff between now and next fall. In short, I can hold up my end of the bargain.

I’m also conservation-minded, and a stickler for game laws and gun safety. If you’re a perfectionist or “numbers” guy who gets bent out of shape about mistakes, overeager pups, and the inevitable absurdities that go with time afield, we won’t get along. But, if you’re easy-going, love hunting dogs – or, better yet, have one or two of your own – I’d love to hear from you. If you’re inexperienced like me, we’ll flair ducks, mishandle dogs, laugh and learn together.

Give me a holler. You can also reach me directly at jhchapp@tx.rr.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you.